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Who are we?
One of the features the most appreciated from our clients is the multicultural character of our team. Today's society being what it is, we often have to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers from different cultures.
In addition to being brokers, we have a life experience that you will come to appreciate.

Graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), skilled in several languages, Pauline has acquired strong skills in negotiations and human relations.
Félix has as much as he graduated in engineering at L’École polytechnique de Montréal. He subsequently acquired a solid experience in structures, and contract negotiations. He will be your best partner to analyze the various inspection reports, then to explain to you the different legal aspects and technicalities. This, always in order to defend your interests.

A marketing without worries!
As real estate brokers registered with the OACIQ (Self-regulated Organism of Real Estate Brokerage of Quebec), we are governed by the Real Estate Brokerage Act. This law aims at protecting the public by ensuring that transactions are undertaken in an ethical manner, are following the rules, and protected by a professional insurance coverage. This law only applies and protects you only when you are dealing with a registered real estate broker. In addition, we subscribe to professional liability insurance, which ensures your protection.

An optimal selling price!
We have the expertise to evaluate the fair trade value of your property. To do this, we will visit your property, then we will show you the comparable sales of your neighborhood. By comparing your property to the market, we can strategically set the price.

Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork!
The devil is in the details when it comes to transactions of this importance! Several forms must be completed and they contains a lot of fine prints... These forms govern the transaction, and each of the clauses herein is based on an article of law aiming to protect the participants to the transaction. No shortcut shall be taken! An error, mistake or omission can be very expensive and have serious consequences. Don’t worry, we will be there with you!

We will know how to get you the best price for your property, and this using the best sales techniques. A good marketing, create scarcity, create a momentum, get as many offers as possible, and then raise the stakes. We know the different buying and selling strategies. Offers, counter-offers, bids management, inspection reports, etc. We will be in the same team!

Your time, your money!
You already work very hard, and you know your job! Could you be replaced at any time by a person without training? What would be the risks? Your property is probably, like most people in Canada, your most important investment. What risks are you willing to take? This does not even take into account the time needed to complete a sale. What documents do you need? What are the priorities? What should you say to sellers? How to manage visits, inspections and the various professionals needed?
All these answers, we have them!

Setting a professional marketing image
We work with professional photographers using the best equipment and techniques to promote your home. But before taking the picture, we will advise on how to stage everything for the best results. We will then be ready to advertise your property on multiple high-visibility media, targeting multiple buyer’s profiles.

And after the visits?
We will give you a report for each visit. We will interpret visitors' comments to give you a clear picture of the situation.

Sold! Where are we going!?
Whether because the family gets bigger and you need more room, the birds are leaving the nest and you must go to smaller, or what that other reason why you move, one thing is sure: your needs have changed. Our work does not end there. We'll help you target your new needs and we will find your next property together!

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